Avery White L7651-25 Laser Labels


Avery mini labels are specially design for your laser printer. They can be peeled away from the sheet easily with QuickPEEL technology by tearing down the perforated divide or removing them from the sheet in one swift motion. Avery’s free template software creates personalised and custom labels. JamFree technology ensures uninterrupted production. You can use with environmental confidence as these labels are fully recyclable to ensure eco-friendly practices.


Avery Laser Mini Label. Ideal for small item labelling, bar-coding etc. Easy to format using popular software packages. Suitable for use in most mono laser printers. Label Size: 38.1×21.2mm (65 per sheet). Colour – White.

Additional information

Weight 0.32 kg
Dimensions 328.00 × 244.00 × 12.00 cm