Avery Copier Label 105x37mm DPS16-100


The Avery Multi-Purpose White Labels are compatible with almost every type of laser printer, ink jet printer and copier, meaning that every office can benefit from these high quality labels. It doesn’t matter to what you are trying to affix them; these self adhesive labels can be used on a variety of surfaces without compromising their stickiness. By providing high quality paper on which to print, each label is guaranteed to print clearly making them easy to read.


Avery White Copier Labels, ideal for address lists, mailing lists, products identification and countless other routine office tasks. Guaranteed trouble free copying in all mono copiers. Size: 105x37mm. 16 labels per sheet. 100 sheets per pack.

Additional information

Weight 1.01 kg
Dimensions 315.00 × 225.00 × 125.00 cm