Avery L7161-250 Laser Labels 63.5×46.6mm


With these easy to use labels, you can address envelopes one after another in no time at all.
With Avery’s patented, Quick PEEL system, simply divide the labels along the perforation lines to expose the edges, peel and stick to your envelope.
Perfect for C6 envelopes, they are fully compatible with your laser printer and guarantee a jam free print for instant, professional labelling.
These eco-friendly labels can be fully recycled and are made using environmentally sound materials.


Avery White Laser Labels. Premium labels, easy to use and specifically designed to work in the high temperatures of laser printers, ensuring high quality printing with no toner flaking. Address. 63.5×46.6mm. 18 labels per sheet. 250 sheets per box.

Additional information

Weight 2.39 kg
Dimensions 310.00 × 220.00 × 45.00 cm