Avery L7163-500 Address Label White P500


The QuickPEEL technology of these Avery labels makes removing the labels from the sheet quick and easy, while the JamFree Guarantee ensures your label sheets run through your laser printer smoothly. Enjoy pre-designed templates to make labelling or addressing easier still, these labels are compatible with free software and templates provided by Avery for your convenience. Avery labels are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable.


Avery White Laser Labels L7163. Premium labels, easy to use and specifically designed to work in the high temperatures of laser printers, ensuring high quality printing with no toner flaking. Address. 99.1×38.1mm. 14 labels per sheet. 500 sheets per box.

Additional information

Weight 5.41 kg
Dimensions 80.00 × 80.00 × 60.00 cm