Swash Komfigrip Broad Colour Pen Pk300


Swäsh Komfigrip Colouring Pens are a popular choice for kids, teachers and parents alike. These hardy pens feature a strong pressure-resistant nib that stands up to rough handling; the clear cap shows the ink colour and ensures colours won’t get mixed up at the end of a lesson. Bright and vivid ink helps youngsters express themselves, but it’s washable from clothes in case they get a little too creative. The classic Swäsh Komfigrip design teaches children the correct grip for best control.

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KOMFIGRIP Colouring Pens. 12 vibrant colours. Pressure resistant nibs. Bleed resistant on most papers. Triangular grip for correct position and comfort. Clear caps. Broad tip. Class pack tray of 300.

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Weight 2.48 kg
Dimensions 208.00 × 159.00 × 105.00 cm


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