Papermate Auto Pencil Non-Stop Neon 4×12


Paper Mate Non-Stop Automatic Pencils are great for handwriting and technical drawing. Blunt end? Just twist the tip to expose fresh lead with the spring-powered action. There’s an eraser on the end too, for quick removal of mistakes. With a vibrant neon transparent case, they look great and let you see at-a-glance how much lead you have left. They’re perfect for technical drawing or transcribing shorthand without the risk of a broken pencil.

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Automatic pencils with smooth action. Twist tip to extend lead. Shock absorbing tip protects lead from breaking. Selection of attractive transparent neon colours. Eraser-tipped for quick rubbing out. Blister

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Weight 0.49 kg
Dimensions 225.00 × 220.00 × 115.00 cm