Rotadex Platfile Modlr Circular Platform


This circular platform slots into the Rotadex Platfile castor base (sold separately) to provide you with an innovative modular filing system for 360° access to binders. The platform can hold up 24 A4 or foolscap lever arch files and is divided into 4 sections for organised filing. Saving floorspace in your office, when attached the the base, the platform rotates independently for quick and convenient access to your files. The platforms can be stacked up to four tiers high. This pack contains 1 circular platform only, the base and any additional platforms must be purchased separately.

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Additional platform for Rotadex Modular Platfile. Holds 24 A4 or foolscap lever arch files. When connected to base (sold separately), the platform rotates independently with a retaining safety lip and an internal support plate to keep files upright.

Additional information

Weight 8.00 kg
Dimensions 255.00 × 200.00 × 70.00 cm


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