Dymo Blue Letratag Tape 12mmx4m S0721650


Hard-wearing and tear-resistant, these labels feature an easy-peel self-adhesive backing. It’s easy to attach labels to anything you need to personalise, including stationery, files, folders and equipment. This plastic labelling tape comes pre-rolled in a handy cassette that slots right into your LetraTag label maker for quick installation and replacement when empty. This bright blue tape is eye-catching and can be used as part of a colour-coding system.


Dymo Letratag Plastic Tape 12mm x4m Ultra Blue S0721650 Organise your books, files, filing systems. Simple colour coding is made easy with a variety of colours available.

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 160.00 × 106.00 × 26.00 cm


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