Conqueror Laid Vellum DL Envelopes Pk500


For an envelope with a superior level of quality and professionalism, you need to use the Conqueror Vellum Laid Envelope. Conqueror is dedicated to bringing you the very best products, with a tasteful off-white and laid finish to add exceptional quality. Perfect for business use, the paper features a high quality surface that allows you to write or print on the envelope without difficulty.


Conqueror Envelopes. Premium business envelopes that adds a professional touch to your mailings. Weight – 120gsm. Finish – Laid. Super-seal closure. Size: (DL) 220mmx110mm (4.25×8.6inch). Colour – Vellum.

Additional information

Weight 3.50 kg
Dimensions 144.00 × 103.00 × 38.00 cm