Avery Mini Ink Label 17.8x10mm J8659-25


These mini labels are a fantastic way to reduce waste around your workplace and make sure that filing is a breeze, with everything properly named and easy to find. These Avery labels are also perfect for use as pricing or barcode labels, making sure that customers know exactly how much your product costs and encouraging spending. With the ability to be printed on from a range of inkjet printers and of being fully customisable, these labels suit the needs of every business.


Avery Inkjet Mini Label. Ideal for small item labelling, bar-coding etc. Easy to format using popular software packages. Suitable for use in most mono laser printers. Label Size: 17.8×10.0mm (270 per sheet). Colour – White.

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 340.00 × 265.00 × 65.00 cm