Durable Vario Desk Unit 10 Asstd 5570/00


Featuring 10 individual A4 panels and a sturdy desk stand, this Durable Vario Desk Unit is a stylish and comprehensive reference system. With different colour panels it is easy to implement a colour co-ordinated system, making data retrieval easy and efficient. The ten tabbed panels in this unit include two each of black, red, yellow, green and dark blue.

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Durable Vario Desk Unit 10. Complete ready to use desk unit with ten A4 display panels. Each unit comprises one sturdy table display stand and 10xA4 display panels complete with tabs (2 each of Black, red, yellow, green and dark Blue).

Additional information

Weight 4.35 kg
Dimensions 315.00 × 225.00 × 5.00 cm


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