Tyvek White C5 P/Seal Pocket Env Pk100


The unique fibre structure of Tyvek security envelopes, developed by DuPont, is tear and water resistant for extra security during transit. The envelopes also feature an extra strong hot melt peel and seal closure, and are lightweight to help keep postage costs down. These C5 envelopes measure 229 x 162mm and are 100% recyclable. This pack contains 100 envelopes.

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Tyvek pocket envelopes. Tear and water resistant envelopes ideal for sending important documents safely and securely. Lightweight and flexible with a peel and seal closure flap. Recyclable. Size C5 229 x 162mm.

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Weight 0.61 kg
Dimensions 360.00 × 275.00 × 200.00 cm