Swash Komfigrip Blue Handwrite Pen Pk12


Designed to aid children’s handwriting practice, this Swash Komfigrip pen features a unique triangular grip to help encourage correct finger positioning and a hard-wearing, pressure resistant tip to withstand heavy duty use. The high quality ink is quick drying, washable and designed for minimum bleed through. The pen also features a clear, ventilated lid and can be left uncapped for up to 14 days without drying out. This pack contains 12 pens with blue ink.

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KOMFIGRIP Handwriting Pens. Triangular grip for correct position and comfort. Pressure resistant nibs for heavy handed use. Washable and rapid drying ink with virtually no bleed through. 14 day cap off time. Clear ventilated lids. Blue.

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Weight 0.10 kg
Dimensions 164.00 × 63.00 × 23.00 cm


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