Stabilo EasyGraph HB Pencils Classpack


This specially designed handwriting pencil has a series of ergonomically shaped grip zones along the length of the barrel, which encourage the correct hand position and posture for relaxed, comfortable writing. Ideal for children learning to write, these HB pencils are a recommended choice for schools. This class pack contains 40 right handed and 8 left handed pencils and this is indicated by the yellow and red colour coding at the end of the pencil. The triangular design gives added comfort in use and encourages the recommended tripod grip.

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Ideal for children learning to write. right and left hand design. The classpack contains 40 right handed pencils and 8 left handed pencils. The triangular design and non-slip grip moulds ensure a relaxed hand posture.

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Weight 0.41 kg
Dimensions 198 × 189 × 35 cm


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