Silvine Dupl Delivery Book Pk6 613-T


This Silvine Duplicate Delivery Book allows you to make 100 duplicate delivery notices, to help you keep track of financial transactions. The gummed delivery book allows you to make an exact carbon copy, with pre-printed pages for detailed, accurate records. Each book measures 210x127mm, with perforated, easy tear pages. This pack contains 6 books.

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Silvine Duplicate Book. Manufactured from quality bank paper with laminated red covers. Features include white pages numbered from 1 to 100 with an index sheet and carbon paper. Pre-printed – Delivery. Size: 210x127mm (8.25x 5). Ref: 613.

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Weight 1.72 kg
Dimensions 212.00 × 128.00 × 88.00 cm


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