Schneider 260 Wht Liq Chalk Marker Pk5


Great for creating eye-catching displays, this Schneider Maxx 260 liquid chalk marker writes on a variety of glossy surfaces, including blackboards, glass and more. The vibrant, colourful liquid chalk can be erased with a wet or dry cloth for temporary displays. The large chisel tip writes a 2.0 – 15.0mm line width for both bold and finer lines. This pack contains 5 white markers for writing on dark surfaces.

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Liquid chalk markers for all glossy surfaces, i.e. Blackboards, shop windows, special offer boards, and at home for colourful window decorations. Erasable with a wet or dry cloth. 2 – 15mm line width. White.

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Weight 0.34 kg
Dimensions 164.00 × 146.00 × 29.00 cm