Q-Connect Wht 1W Computer Label 89x36mm


If you need a lot of labels within a short period of time, Q-Connect Computer Labels are the perfect product allowing you to print a large number of labels printing continuously.
With a single sheet, it is not necessary to replenish your paper; simply set the labels to print and they can without any risk of jamming. The labels can be printed on with ease, ensuring that you get labels that are precise and clear.
With an adhesion that is perfect for every surface, these are multi-use labels.


Q-Connect Computer Labels. Smooth running labels for long print runs on high speed printers. Smudge resistant bright White labels gives you sharp accurate printing. Tough backing paper ensures trouble free printing. 1 label across the web 89x36mm.

Additional information

Weight 6.72 kg
Dimensions 146.00 × 132.00 × 27.00 cm