Q-Connect Carbonless Triplct Book 4x5in


Inside the Q-Connect White Spiral Triplicate Book you’ll find 100 sets of paper and two carbonless copy sheets. There’s sequential numbering on each sheet for easier organisation, and an index card that can be moved to shield each set of pages.

The top sheet is perforated so you can pull it out and retain a duplicate in the book for future reference. Because it’s spiral-bound, the pages lie flat for ease of writing.

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Q-Connect Spiral Bound Triplicate Book. Contains 50 carbonless sets of White, Blue and Yellow sheets, each page numbered and the top two sheets perforated. Supplied with removable index card that can be used as a writing shield between each set. 102x127mm

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Dimensions 18.00 × 98.00 × 150.00 cm