Q-Connect A-Z Buff 8x5in Guide Card Pk25


Separate your record cards into an A-Z index using these Q-Connect Guide Cards. Each card has a tabbed reference to a letter of the alphabet leaving you free to distribute your note, archives and information taken down on record cards behind the relevant guide and create a alphabetised index system. Ideal for storing contact information organised by surname or company name. Buff coloured to separate them from white record cards for easy, at a glance retrieval. These guide cards measure 8×5 inches and can be used with Q-Connect record cards and index boxes (available separately).


Q-Connect Guide Cards. Strong manilla guide cards tabbed in 25 positions, A-Z. Colour – Buff. Size: 8×5.

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Weight 0.19 kg
Dimensions 202.00 × 134.00 × 15.00 cm