Flexocare Sisal Twine 2.5 kg TIE-33-A


Providing you with a completely natural twine, you can be sure that this product has the very highest level of quality. Eschewing the popular trend towards plastics, this twine has the highest level of luxury and style. This is perfect for a range of packaging needs, allowing you an easy way to secure packages without difficulty. The twine is designed to provide lasting use, ensuring that it will not fray or reduce in quality.


Natural twine perfect for packaging. 100% natural with no man-made products. Binds with strength to prevent fraying Stylish, high quality product Suitable for a range of packing needs. Supplied in 2.5kg spool.

Additional information

Weight 2.25 kg
Dimensions 135.00 × 85.00 × 29.00 cm