Corrugated Paper Roll 900mmx75m Recycled


Ensuring that every roll of paper is made from 100% recycled material, this is the perfect product for use with wrapping parcels for long distance postage and high quality craft.
This paper has an extremely high clarity, with a weight that is perfect for ensuring that it will not become ripped or torn when in transit. The smooth and clear surface of the paper makes it perfect for creating neat writing that is without any type of blemish.

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Single faced corrugated roll. Provides fluted protective wrapping. An alternative solution to bubble wrap. Ideal for protecting delicate items such as artwork, crockery or gifts. Made from 100% recycled material. Size: 900mm x 75m.

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Weight 15.50 kg
Dimensions 370.00 × 50.00 × 40.00 cm


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