Challenge 105x130mm Receipt Book Dup Pk5


Offer receipts without the need for complicated technology with this Challenge Duplicate Receipt book. Create duplicate, handwritten receipts for each of your transactions for a professional, personalised experience.

Each of the 50 pages has 2 receipts to view in a pre-printed format to ensure all relevant information is recorded. Colour coded copies means keeping accurate records of transactions is quick and simple. White copies are the original receipt and blue copies are your exact copy. Carbon paper is included in the back of the book for your convenience.

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Duplicate, first leaf White paper, printed for receipts with ground tint. Perforated. Second leaf tinted Blue bank, plain and fast. Carbon at end. Counterfoils-both leaves are White paper. 50 leaves, 100 receipts in duplicate, 2 at view gummed 105x130mm

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Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 136.00 × 108.00 × 52.00 cm


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