Brother Black/Yllow TZe Tape 24mm TZE651


Supplied on a long 8m roll, this TZe labelling tape from Brother is perfect for identifying and labeling items with your P-Touch label maker, even in extreme environments. This 24mm wide tape is covered with a laminate film to protect the tape from wear and tear in daily use. The tape is also waterproof and exceptionally resistant to changes in temperature, so it’ll stay attached in all weathers and conditions. Ideally for industrial environments, it’s both chemical and abrasion resistant. Black text on a yellow background lets you colour code your labels for efficient use.


A laminate film on the tape protects text and colours from all kinds of agents such as chemicals, abrasives etc. commonly found in industrial environments. Tape is waterproof and extremely temperature resistant. P-touch tape TZ-651 24mmx8m Black on Yellow

Additional information

Weight 0.08 kg
Dimensions 370.00 × 165.00 × 135.00 cm


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