Bic Kids Ecol Hex Pencils Asrtd Pk144


Scribble, scrawl and colour with Bic Kids Ecolutions Colouring Pencils, which are extra strong and great for schools. Instead of wood, these Bic pencils are made from synthetic resin, which won’t splinter when snapped and it resists chewing as well. The lead is extra durable to resist snapping and the pencils are environmentally friendly as well, made without PVC and with 50% recycled materials. Each pack contains 12 different coloured pencils.

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12 different colours in each pack. Wood-free colouring pencils. Graphite does not break when pencil is dropped. Splinter-proof and chew-resistant for safer use. Hexagonal barrel. 12 assorted colours. 50% recycled.

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Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 363.00 × 363.00 × 43.00 cm