Avery Jam-Free L7166-250 Parcel Labels


If you work in an environment where time is a constant constraint and there are always numerous jobs that need doing, then Avery labels might be the answer to your problems. These labels are designed not to jam in the printer, even in the high temperatures of a laser printer, meaning that great quality is always assured. With a highly opaque BlockOut design, you can re-use old packaging without looking unprofessional.


Avery White Laser Labels. Premium labels, easy to use and specifically designed to work in the high temperatures of laser printers, ensuring high quality printing with no toner flaking. Parcel. 99.1×93.1mm. 6 labels per sheet. 250 sheets per box.

Additional information

Weight 2.84 kg
Dimensions 310.00 × 220.00 × 46.00 cm