Avery Clear I/Jet Labels 63.5×38.1


Avery not only focus on the important aspects of modern office life, they are also well versed in picking up on the simple things. These particular quick peel printable address labels could make a huge difference to the ease with which you actually go about providing your letters and parcels with labels.
What’s more, these durable and long lasting pieces of kit can also be used in a range of other scenarios. 25 sheets in a pack and 21 labels per sheet.


Avery Inkjet Labels – J8560-25. Clear inkjet labels that virtually disappear when applied to White, coloured or textured surfaces giving an individually typed look. Label Size: 63.5 x 38.1mm (21-label per sheet).

Additional information

Weight 0.38 kg
Dimensions 308.00 × 226.00 × 67.00 cm