Avery BlockOut L7165-100 Laser Labels


Labels are an integral part of modern business and they can perform a range of different functions. One aspect of labelling which needs to be addressed relates to your mail needs and requirements. These Avery branded shipping labels are the perfect addition to your parcels for a variety of reasons.
Heavily adhesive, strong and long lasting, these labels will allow you to send your parcels with confidence that they will arrive at the correct addresses. This item boasts 100 sheets, each with 8 labels.


Avery White Laser Labels. Premium labels, easy to use and specifically designed to work in the high temperatures of laser printers, ensuring high quality printing with no toner flaking. Parcel. 99.1×67.7mm. 8 labels per sheet. 100 sheets per box.

Additional information

Weight 1.23 kg
Dimensions 310.00 × 260.00 × 25.00 cm