Durable Grey/Black Sherpa Wall Unit 10


The SHERPA® Wall Unit 10 provides an attractive display solution for up to 20 sheets of A4 paper and is designed for wall-mounting. Perfect for displaying information at eye level, the unit comprises 5 grey and 5 black display panels with a clear polypropylene pocket that has a matte anti-glare coating for high quality display in any lighting conditions. This wall unit also comes with 10 tabs for easy access to your display material.

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Wall display unit ideal for use when contents need to be displayed at eye level. Wall bracket holds 10 A4 panels. Brackets can be mounted side by side to any capacity. Contains wall bracket, 10 display panels and 10 tabs. Fixings and instructions include

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Weight 0.99 kg
Dimensions 320.00 × 240.00 × 4.00 cm


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