Xerox Colotech A4 Paper 250gsm Ream


Xerox Colotech guarantees the optimum performance from your printer in terms of quality, quantity and runnability.

Designed for high volume throughput, the super smooth finish shows up greater richness and depth of colour. This means you can save on ink by working on a lower print setting.

Impressive whiteness, 250gsm thickness and high opacity give the look and feel of quality. The paper is perfect for double-sided printing and its smoothness helps cut down on printer jams.

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Xerox Colotech+ Paper. The perfect paper for digital colour printing and copying. The super-smooth texture enhances colour brilliance and contrast on all colour laser printers and colour copiers ensuring optimum performance in high volume print runs. 250g

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Weight 3.85 kg
Dimensions 310.00 × 251.00 × 215.00 cm


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