Xerox 4-Hole Punched A4 Paper 80gsm Ream


This pre-punched A4 business paper from Xerox is ideal for long-run printing and copying. It is pre-punched to fit any standard 4 ring binder and can be used in all inkjet and laser copiers and printers.

An intense whiteness shows off both mono and colour printing to maximum effect, whilst its smooth finish enables high speed printing with minimal printer jams.

For quality and consistency, Xerox is unbeatable. It’s little wonder that they are the best-selling paper merchant in the UK!

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Xerox Business Paper. Suitable for long run copying and printing, including offset. Ideal for all copiers, lasers, inkjet and other office equipment. 80gsm. A4 hole punch.

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Weight 2.47 kg
Dimensions 312.00 × 217.00 × 58.00 cm


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