HP White A4 Paper 90gsm Ream HPT0321CL


With their experience at creating high quality printers and ink, HP is the perfect company for providing your paper. The HP White A4 Printing Paper is specially engineered to ensure that it passes through your printer without creating any jams or mess.
This paper also provides a clean and clear surface that allows for the application of ink without any type of bleeding or blotting. With a Colourok system, ink dries on this paper quickly to reduce smudging and promote vivacity.

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HP Printing Paper. Multifunctional paper for laser and inkjet printers, copiers and fax machines. Provides ideal brightness and smoothness for clear, sharp print. Features Colourok technology for rapid ink drying time and vivid results. 90gsm. Size: A4.

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Weight 2.74 kg
Dimensions 210.00 × 100.00 × 65.00 cm


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