3L Ex Strong Vinyl Reinforce Ring Pk1000

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Fix torn documents quickly and preserve paper integrity with this bulk pack of 1,000 3L Self-Adhesive Vinyl Rings. Just stick them down firmly with the self-adhesive packing around torn or ripped punched holes on your documents and they provide an instant repair – great for stubborn pages that keep falling out. Made of extra strong tear-resistant vinyl, they help to prevent further damage and can also be used pre-emptively to stop paper ripping in the first place.

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Pack of 1,000 reinforcement rings for punched documents. Repairs torn paper. Permanent adhesive for secure bond. Extra strong tear-resistant vinyl. Diameter: 14 mm. Colour: White.

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Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 393.00 × 202.00 × 187.00 cm


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