Bisley Grey Card Index Cabinet 6x4in SGL


Bisley Card Index Cabinets are perfect for making sure that all of your index cards are stored in an easy and secure manner. Allowing you to search through information without difficulty, this is perfect for guaranteeing quick and hassle-free information retrieval.
Compatible with other products of the same type, you can connect these cabinets to one another in order to create a larger, more comprehensive cabinet.
This product is ideal for keeping information protected against damage and loss.

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All models feature a card support plate, a patented linking device for rigid multi-unit arrangements and a plastic moulded handle and card frame. They are easily converted to locking. 152x101mm (measurements shown are of card size). Goose Grey.

Additional information

Weight 4.00 kg
Dimensions 316.00 × 159.00 × 43.00 cm


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