Guildhall Buff Dbl Pocket Wallet Pk25


These innovative new legal wallets from Guildhall bring you new features that you could only have previously dreamed of. The wallet features two pockets along the long side of each cover, with 35mm wide gussets. The wallet is reinforced along the spine with cloth tape, ensuring optimum durability as the wallet will hold up to 400 sheets. Manufactured from premium quality buff manila, you won’t be disappointed with the look, quality or performance of these wallets.

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Guildhall Double Pocket Wallet Reinforced Buff Two pockets each with 35mm gusset, holds 400 sheets. Foolscap size. Reinforced double pockets available, please call for details.

Additional information

Weight 2.64 kg
Dimensions 220.00 × 145.00 × 48.00 cm


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